Forest Preserves of Cook County Offers Photo Contest, But You Need to Act Fast


Do you love the Forest Preserves of Cook County (FPCC), Brookfield Zoo, and the Chicago Botanic Garden? Are you the next Ansel Adams? Do you want to earn some bragging rights and a bunch of free calendars? If so, you should enter the FPCC’s 6th Annual Photo Contest. All you have to do is submit your five favorite nature photos to by September 15. Here are some details from the FDCC website:

  • “We’re looking for your very best photos of Forest Preserves landscapes, close-ups of plants, insects, birds and other wildlife, pictures that highlight the seasons and shots of people enjoying the outdoors or participating in our recreational offerings.
  • All photographs must have been taken in the Forest Preserves of Cook County (this includes Brookfield Zoo or Chicago Botanic Garden).
  • You must provide your photo in a digital format such as JPEG or TIF at a minimum resolution of 3600 x 2700 pixels at 300 dpi and a maximum file size of 24MB at time of submission.
  • Photos included in the calendar will be horizontal (vertical photos should be cropped before submitting).
  • All submissions must include a caption with the specific location within the Forest Preserves of Cook County where it was shot and the approximate date when the photo was taken (i.e. Carl Hansen Woods, Fall 2014; Poplar Creek Trail, March 2015).”

Scroll through your phone or computer for great memories from your nature outings to the FPCC, Brookfield Zoo, and the Chicago Botanic Garden. If you don’t have any contest-worthy photos, head out with your camera for a day of fun and adventure. The weather is expected to be excellent in the Chicagoland area through September 15, so that’s just another reason to enjoy nature in Chicagoland. I hope to see your photos in the 2018 calendar.

Here are the five photos I entered in the contest. I was only able to enter very recent photos because the resolution in my old photos was not high enough.



Here are five photos I wish I could have entered.


Copyright (photos/text—except quoted content) Andrew Morkes


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