The 7 Most-Popular Stories at Nature in Chicagoland in April 2019

The terrible story of a boy who fell through the cracks, and what we can do to be better people

A look at tallgrass prairies in Chicagoland and info on a new book

The wildest nature spot in Cook County

A story of three funeral directors (one of whom was my father)

The remnants of the Manhattan Project…and some great hiking and biking opportunities

A special city park in Bridgeport

One of the best places to see spring flowers in Chicagoland

These were the topics of the seven most-popular articles last month at my blog, Nature in Chicagoland, as selected by my readers. Here are links to the articles.

1. On the Death of A.J. Freund and Healing the World

2. Author Discusses the Joys of the Tallgrass Prairie

Copyright Cindy Crosby

3. Cap Sauers Holding Nature Preserve: The Wildest Place in Cook County

4. A Tale of Three Funeral Directors: Thoughts on the Passing of a Funeral Industry Icon, My Dad, and the Man Who Took Me to My First Blues Bar

Copyright Lack Family

5. Red Gate Woods: Hawks and Hills, Sloughs and Snakes, and Ghosts and Buried Nuclear Waste, Oh My!

6. Palmisano Park: A Hidden Gem in Chicago

7. Messenger Woods: Famous Spring Flowers and Year-Round Fun

Thanks for reading and supporting Nature in Chicagoland.

Copyright (text) Andrew Morkes

Copyright (photos, unless otherwise noted) Andrew Morkes

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