The Most-Popular Non-Nature Stories at Nature in Chicagoland in 2019

I wrote many stories about nature destinations in 2019, but I also covered a lot of other topics that were near and dear to my heart including stories about my family, the loss of a 100-year-old home in my neighborhood, the senseless murder of a sweet little boy, a first-time Amtrak trip across the country to our nation’s capital, and an apppreciation of the moon on the 50th anniverary of the moon landing (I guess that’s technically nature). Here are the most-popular non-nature posts in 2019 based on page views by my readers. Thanks for reading and sharing. On Wednesday, I’ll cover the top nature stories as selected by readers of Nature in Chicagoland.

1. Sad Thanksgiving News and the Celebration of a Great Life

2. Elegy for a 100-Year-Old Red Brick House

3. On the Death of A.J. Freund and Healing the World

4. Seven Stories About My Dad on the Anniversary of His Passing

5. Need Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond? I Have 16 Talented Friends

6. I Survived—and Thrived—on a 38-Hour Roundtrip Amtrak Journey

7. A Tale of Three Funeral Directors: Thoughts on the Passing of a Funeral Industry Icon, My Dad, and the Man Who Took Me to My First Blues Bar

8. Remembering My Father-in-Law Jim on Father’s Day

9. Thoughts on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing and Why the Moon Still Makes Me Swoon

Copyright (text) Andrew Morkes

Copyright (photos) Andrew Morkes, except photos of Fred Bryan (copyright Bryan family); AJ Freund (media image); friends with talents blog (they hold copyright on their images); Walter Kosary ( copyright family of Walter Kosary); Jim Lack (copyright Jim Lack); top 3 photos in moon blog (copyright NASA)

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