“Good Night. I Love You, Liam. God Bless You. Have a Good Sleep.”


I’m taking a break from nature to celebrate my son Liam’s 12th birthday. I wrote this short essay when my son was age six. I still repeat this mantra daily. Also, please check out my essay, On the Joys of Carrying My Son, for my reflections on Liam getting older and spending time with him in nature.

“Good Night. I Love You, Liam. God Bless You. Have a Good Sleep.”

It’s the mantra I’ve spoken every night—sometimes a few times a night—to my son Liam while he sleeps. First when he was a tiny preemie; then a walking/talking toddler; and now a curious, high-energy six-year-old. Nowadays, these words come later after Liam FINALLY falls asleep after insisting on wrestling and having newspaper-sword and tickle fights with me, listening to me read about the adventures of Jack and Annie in The Magic Treehouse series, and I answer every question or demand he makes (Why is the sky blue? Can we not use hooks when we fish so we don’t hurt the bluegills? Don’t use the newspapers to start a fire when we camp next time because I don’t want you to accidentally burn the comics! Why did your Dad die?).

These words are a mantra that I speak aloud even when Liam is sleeping at his grandma’s house or when he was in the hospital with breathing issues. In a world of unexpected tragic events, they are a comforting, hopeful hedge against anything bad happening, and, of course, a request for God to watch out for my little sweet, but wild, little man (who just told me he ate a leaf off a tree on the first day of summer camp), during the night and when I’m not around—something akin to Spock’s “Live Long and Prosper” farewell, although I don’t do the Vulcan salute (but maybe I should for extra luck).

No night is complete until I say these words, and I will literally get out of bed to head to his bedroom in the middle of the night if I wake up and realize I’ve forgotten to speak them. The simple blessing of a parent who is not a priest, pastor, or shaman.

I will speak this mantra every night as Liam grows into a pre-teen [he’s there now], teen, college student, and young adult—as his love of Legos turns to a fascination with the opposite sex, and time with dad and mom has to be scheduled rather than just be a basic part of our everyday lives. And when my Liam has his own family, I will add his little boys and girls to my mantra list, and maybe he’ll start saying the same as they rest their heads, eyes closed, after endless games of tickle and tackle, lists of questions answered, and kids’ classics read. 

Bless you, Liam, on your birthday and beyond.

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Copyright Andrew Morkes

Copyright Andrew Morkes
Copyright Andrew Morkes

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