Great Careers Series (Books)

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Learn About Good-Paying, Fast-Growing Careers That Do Not Require A 4-Year Degree!

Computer Support Specialists: ISBN: 978-0-9829210-4-3
Dental Hygienists: ISBN: 978-0-9829210-0-5
Paralegals: ISBN: 978-0-9829210-1-2
Physical Therapist Assistants: ISBN: 978-0-9829210-3-6
Wind Turbine Technicians: ISBN: 978-0-9829210-2-9

Copyright: 2022, Ages: 12+, Grade Level: 6th-12th and Career Changers, Dimensions: 6 x 9

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The cost of earning a bachelor’s degree continues to skyrocket. The average annual tuition at private four-year colleges was $37,650 in 2020–21, according to The College Board.

The high cost of earning a bachelor’s degree often doesn’t translate into a good-paying career, and many students graduate with considerable college debt. In fact, bachelor’s degree graduates with student debt had average debt of $28,880 in 2018–19, according to The College Board. Many young people today have realized that there are many good-paying, fast-growing careers that do not require a bachelor’s degree. Titles in the Great Careers Without a Bachelor’s Degree series spotlight careers that one can train for by earning certificates and associate’s degrees at community colleges and technical colleges; by completing apprenticeships; and by training in the military. These careers provide students with a path to a comfortable, middle class life.

Each title features:

  • Information on typical job duties, employers, work environments, key skills, educational paths (college, apprenticeship, military), and salaries for the career
  • 15+ ways to explore the field while still in school—classes, competitions, camps, websites, books, tours, school clubs, information interviews, job shadowing
  • A detailed look at the employment outlook in the U.S. and Canada
  • Interviews with professionals and educators, who describe what it’s like to work in the field, what they love about their jobs, and key skills for success
  • A glossary of more than 35 commonly used terms in the career
  • A list of college scholarships and other types of financial aid that help students reduce the cost of training
  • Lists of useful books and websites and fact-filled sidebars


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