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Buffalo Rock State Park: Awesome Views of the Illinois River, Earth Art, and Tranquility

Saying Goodbye to Lincoln Park Zoo’s 300-Year-Old Oak and 11 Things You Can Do to Protect the Environment

Nachusa Grasslands: See Bison, Savor Solitude, and Hike Through Biodiversity Hotspots

Hegewisch Marsh Park: Great Birdwatching and Hiking and an Inspiring Story of Ongoing Environmental Restoration

Bell Bowl Prairie Was Destroyed Yesterday—But the Fight Continues to Protect Wildlands in Illinois and Beyond

Celebrating the Six-Year Anniversary of Nature in Chicagoland

Pine Dunes Forest Preserve: Birding, Biking, and Easy Hiking

Remembering Lin Brehmer and the Time I Made Him Laugh

Goodbye 2022…Hello 2023! (the most-popular stories in 2022 as selected by my readers)

The Most-Popular Non-Nature Stories at Nature in Chicagoland in 2022

An Elegy for Chicago’s Walking Man

Remembering My Community of Saints on Día de los Muertos

8 Reasons You Should Vote Yes for the Cook County Forest Preserves on Election Day and 11 Spots to Visit

Middlefork Savanna Nature Preserve: Great Blooms, Biking, Hiking, and Nature Experiences

Birding Blogger and Filmmaker Releases “The Magic Stump”—a Must-See Documentary

Illinois Beach State Park: Beautiful Dune, Lake, and River Views; Hiking; Biking; Camping; and Other Great Outdoor Recreational Activities

Bluff Spring Fen: A Fen-tastic Nature Experience in Far Western Cook County

Remembering David Fode (the story of one of my best friends, who passed away suddenly…a great artist and even better human being)

The Flight 93 National Memorial Commemorates Bravery and a Momentous Time in U.S. History   

Art Exhibition Celebrates the Natural Beauty and Rebirth of Chicago’s Industrial Southeast Side

Earth Day Essay Collection is a Great Read Any Time of the Year

6 Great Products That Will Make Your Outdoor Life Easier

Meet Yumeka Brown: A Candidate for Election to the Board of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Meet Daniel Pogorzelski: A Candidate for Election to the Board of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

George’s Desk: A Story About My Dad on Father’s Day

Meet Patricia Theresa Flynn: A Strong Candidate for Election to the Board of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

“Good Night. I Love You, Liam. God Bless You. Have a Good Sleep.”

Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Chicago Anymore: 10 Nature Destinations Where You’ll Swear That You’re Not in the City

McKinley Woods: Enjoy Breathtaking Views of the Des Plaines River and I&M Canal, Excellent Hiking Trails and Birdwatching, and More

The Story of a Rock, a Bison, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Wanderlust, and Summer Adventures Out West

Valley of Eden Bird Sanctuary: Great Birding, Wide-Open Spaces, and Enjoyable Hiking and Cross-Country Skiing

Galena Gateway Park: Amazing Views of a Historic Town, Great Hiking, and Excellent Wildflower and Bird Viewing

Prairie Enthusiasts Executive Director Discusses Why It’s Vital to Save Prairies (Including Bell Bowl Prairie) and Celebrates the Expansion of Mounds View Grassland Preserve

A Family Lies Dead in the Street…Thoughts and Prayers are Great, But the Ukrainian People and Others in Peril Around the World Need Our Financial and Other Support

Celebrating the Five-Year Anniversary of Nature in Chicagoland

A Painted Flag, Thoughts on the Invasion of Ukraine, and 9 Organizations That You Can Donate to in Support of the Ukrainian People

Oak Park Conservatory: Visit the Mediterranean, Tropics, and Desert in a Matter of Minutes

Hidden Pond Woods: What if You Held a Nature Party and No One Came?

Spears Woods: Room to Roam Amidst Rolling Hills, Sloughs, and Oak Woodlands

Visit Sand Ridge Nature Center for a Wonderful Winter Experience

The Most-Popular Non-Nature Stories at Nature in Chicagoland in 2021

Goodbye 2021…Hello 2022! (the most-popular stories in 2021 as selected by my readers)

A Blog Post of Thanks to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Southtown, Local Bookstores, and Others Who Helped Make Nature in Chicagoland a Success

Saying Goodbye to Our Lady of Victory and Hoping to Save an Architecturally Significant Building

Total Eclipse of the Heart: How a Lumpy Loveseat Led Me to Lunar Nirvana

Bell Bowl Prairie Will be Destroyed on November 1, 2021—Unless You Act Now

On the Joys of Hiking for a Hike’s Sake and Saying Goodbye to My Favorite Chicagoland Nature Spot for the Year

Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve: Ravines, Rolling Hills, and a Historic 1862 Church/Nature Center

Why Did LaSean Stop to Help Me?: A Story of Kindness on the Highway and Thoughts of Helping Others on the Anniversary of 9/11

Santa Fe Prairie Nature Preserve: A Red Caboose, Pleasant Trails, A Rare Prairie, and More Than 225 Native Plants

Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve: “Forests” of Wildflowers, a Rare Prairie Ecosystem, and Great Birdwatching

Tour Guide Takes Clients on Restorative Nature Experiences in Chicagoland

Discovering Nature and Finding Peace During the Pandemic: A Story of Three Seasons in Chicago’s Southland

Big Marsh Park: Spectacular Bike Tracks, Bountiful Birding, and Much More

Matthiessen State Park: Awe-Inspiring Canyons, Colorful Cliffs, and a Biodiversity Hotspot

Moraine Hills State Park: Rolling Hills, Top-Notch Hiking Trails, Winter Sports, and Much More

We Met in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (poem)

5 Things to Do at Lake Renwick Preserve/Heron Rookery Nature Preserve

Visit to Lincoln Cemetery Reveals Rich African American Aviation History

7 Things to Do at Rock Run Rookery Preserve

The Most-Popular Non-Nature Stories at Nature in Chicagoland in 2020

Goodbye (and Good Riddance) 2020…Hello 2021! (the most-popular stories in 2020 as selected by my readers)

Remembering Matt Lignell (a celebration of a friend taken too soon)

New Book Shows That You Don’t Need a Car to Enjoy Chicagoland Nature

Visit Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Not Only for Spooks and Scares, But Also For Its Rich Local History

A Lake Michigan Calendar, Books Spotlighting Iconic Chicago Scenes and Destinations, and Nature Books to Fill Your Holiday Stockings

Author Discusses the Joys of Dragonflies and Damselflies

Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area: THE Place to See the Great Eastern Sandhill Crane Migration Each Fall and Spring

Indian Ridge Marsh Park: A Bird Haven and a Story of Environmental Rebirth

14 Amazing Nature Spots I Visited This Year That Should be on Your Chicagoland “Nature Bucket List”

A Vote for President Trump is a Vote for an Unhealthy Environment

Meet Eira Corral Sepúlveda: A Strong Candidate for Election to the Board of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Meet Cam Davis: A Strong Candidate for Re-election to the Board of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Meet Kimberly Neely Dubuclet: A Strong Candidate for Re-election to the Board of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Powderhorn Prairie, Marsh, and Lake: A Unique Dune and Swale Landscape, Fishing, and an Exciting Restoration Project

Burnham Prairie Nature Preserve: A Birdwatching Hotspot

Kankakee Sands: Bison Hunting, Wide Open Spaces, and Great Hiking

Tips for Camping With Kids During and After the Time of COVID-19

20+ Great Destinations on Chicago’s South Side and in the Southland to Check Out This Weekend and Beyond

Belmont Prairie and More Than 25 Other Prairies in Chicagoland to Visit and Enjoy

America 2020: Thoughts On the Murder of George Floyd, Marching for Justice, and Looting

Raccoon Grove Nature Preserve: Stunning Spring Wildflowers, a Sun-Dappled Creek, Splendid Fall Colors, and Easy Hiking

Remembering My Third Set of “Grandparents” and a Special Friendship

Renowned Photographer Publishes New Book That Captures the Essence of Chicago

Try “The Ted” if You’re Looking for Some Nature in the Time of COVID-19

Batwatching Near White City, New Mexico (poem)

Neighborhood Walks During the Pandemic Bring Back Memories and Encourage a Bit of Hope

Life in the Time of COVID-19: Thoughts on Baseball, Hoarding, Being Thankful, Accountability, Gardening, and Hope

Eira Corral Sepúlveda: An Excellent Ballot Choice on March 17 if You Want Clean Water In Chicagoland

Kimberly Neely Dubuclet: An Excellent Ballot Choice on March 17 If You Want Clean Water in Chicagoland

A Vote for Cam Davis is a Vote for Clean Water in Chicagoland

Celebrating the Three-Year Anniversary of Nature in Chicagoland

Local Nature Artist Discusses Her Work and Her Top Local Nature Picks

Fundraising Effort Aims to Preserve the Only Castle in Chicagoland

More Than 20 Museums, Nature Centers, and Other Destinations to Visit In Chicagoland on a Winter Day

14 Amazing National Park Service Destinations for Spring and Summer Road Trips

Goodbye 2019!…Hello 2020 (the most-popular stories in 2019 as selected by my readers)

The Most-Popular Non-Nature Stories at Nature in Chicagoland in 2019

Need Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond? I Have 16 Talented Friends

A Lake Michigan Calendar and Nature Books to Fill Your Holiday Stockings

Sand Ridge Nature Center: Indoor and Outdoor Education and Fun in All Seasons

Sad Thanksgiving News and the Celebration of a Great Life

REI Puts Employees Ahead of Profit and Encourages People to Get Out and Enjoy Nature

Author and Professor Discusses the Magical Driftless Area

Now Showing in Your Neighborhood, a Park, or a Forest Preserve Near You: A Fall Color Spectacular

Sagawau Environmental Learning Center: The Only Canyon in Cook County, Great Hiking and Cross-Country Skiing, and Much More

Elegy for a 100-Year-Old Red Brick House

Indiana Dunes National Park: Our Nation’s Newest National Park

16 South Chicagoland Nature Wonders: Great Destinations on the South Side and in the South Suburbs to Check Out This Weekend and Beyond

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore: Wilderness, Waterfalls, Great Hiking and Camping, and Much More

Nippersink Creek Provides a Great Kayaking or Canoeing Adventure Just an Hour From Chicago

Thoughts on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing and Why the Moon Still Makes Me Swoon

LEGO Exhibit at Morton Arboretum Helps Kids Connect With Nature

Indiana Dunes State Park: Beautiful Beaches, Peaceful Forests, and a Biodiversity Hotspot

The Hiker

West Ridge Nature Preserve: An Oasis in Chicago

Remembering My Father-in-Law Jim on Father’s Day

11 Things to Do at Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens

Isle a la Cache Museum: Midwest Fur Trade History, Great Views of the Des Plaines River, and 9 Other Reasons to Visit

15 Things to Do Outdoors This Spring in Chicagoland

I Survived—and Thrived—on a 38-Hour Roundtrip Amtrak Journey

On the Death of A.J. Freund and Healing the World

Author Discusses the Joys of the Tallgrass Prairie

A Tale of Three Funeral Directors: Thoughts on the Passing of a Funeral Industry Icon, My Dad, and the Man Who Took Me to My First Blues Bar

Spring Road Trip Idea: Head on Over to Nebraska to Watch the Great Crane Migration

Chicago’s Mayoral Candidates (Well, at Least Some) Discuss Their Favorite Parks and Their Views on Protecting the Environment

15 Nature in Chicagoland Stories to Check Out on a North Pole-Like Day

15+ Museums, Nature Centers, and Other Destinations to Visit in Chicagoland on a Teeth-Chattering Winter Day

12 Tips for a Successful Winter Hike

7 Stories About My Dad on the Anniversary of His Passing

Earthrise 1968: Thoughts on the Past and Future of the Environment and America

Throw Your Cares Away by Tossing an Axe

The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian: A Great Place to Learn About the First Americans

9 Indoor Spots to Visit in Chicagoland During a Snowy Weekend

George Fell: A Tireless Advocate for Nature in Illinois

Votes for Cam Davis and Debra Shore are Votes for Clean Water in Chicagoland

Lamenting the Ugly Mood in America is a “Good Walk with My Young Son Ruined,” So I Left

Palmisano Park: A Hidden Gem in Chicago

8 Indoor Places to Visit in Chicagoland During a Rainy, Fall Weekend

Keepataw Preserve: Wild Woods, Local History, and Breathtaking Views

Cap Sauers Holding Nature Preserve: The Wildest Place in Cook County

Forest Preserves of Cook County Offers Photo Contest, But You Need to Act Fast

18 Tips for Camping With Kids

14 Things to Do Outdoors in Chicagoland Before Summer Ends

Why President Trump is Dead Wrong Regarding His “Media Are the Enemy of the People” Rhetoric, and Why Journalists Are So Important in This Age of Unreason

Volo Bog: An Ice Age Remnant and the Only Quaking Bog in Illinois

Take a Drive to the Volo Auto Museum for Vintage Cars and a Blast of Americana

More Than 10 Nature Centers and Other Destinations to Visit to Beat the Heat

Joe the Guardian, Sneaky Socks Alexa, and the Other Trolls Are Waiting to Be Discovered at The Morton Arboretum

Fullersburg Woods Nature Education Center: Big Bugs, Tons of Fun Activities for Kids, and Great Hiking Trails

Graue Mill and Museum: Learn About Life in Illinois in the 1800s, the Underground Railroad, and Much More

Why I Love the Outdoors Despite Once Being Impaled by a Cactus, Nearly Run Over by a Bison, and Having a Scratched Cornea Ruin My First Date With My Future Wife

Black Partridge Woods: Cool Ravines, Great Hiking, and 6 Other Reasons to Visit

12 Wonderful, Interesting, and Fun Things About My Mom

Messenger Woods: Famous Spring Flowers and Year-Round Fun

The Field Museum: Dinosaurs, Mummies, a Bug’s-Eye View of the World, and Much More

8 Things to Do Outdoors This Spring in Chicagoland

Would You Travel 6,200 Miles to Fight Evil?

America 2018: Thoughts on School Shootings, Gun Control, Gerrymandering, and Kindness

First-Time Snowshoer Tells All: 10 Tips for Success and My Son’s Thank You

Ditch the Winter Blahs and Go Snowshoeing in the Cook County Forest Preserves

Visiting the Rose City in Jordan

All Aboard for Winter Fun at the Chicago Botanic Garden!: Model Trains, Chicago Landmark Miniatures, and Much More

Nature Photographer Discusses His Love of Lake Michigan and What We Can Do to Protect It

Need Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond? I Have Some Talented Friends

Thanksgiving Day: On Escaping Chicago, Spending Time with Family, and Enjoying a Fire and the Stars

Why I Garden…And Thoughts on My Italian Ancestors, Farming, the Seasons, and What Not

REI Puts Employees Ahead of Profit and Encourages People to Get Out Into Nature

More Than 20 Halloween-Related Events Available for Kids in Chicagoland Forest Preserves, Parks, Zoos, and Other Nature Areas

A Personal Ghost Story, Ghosts of Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs, and 11 Spots for Post-Ghost-Tour Fun

Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center: Not Your Parents’ Little Red Schoolhouse

New Book Spotlights 111 Off-the-Radar Destinations in Chicago

Orland Grassland: A Respite From Malls, Motorways, and Modernity

On the Joys of Carrying My Son

4 National Park Service Destinations Within 0 to 220 Miles of Chicago

The Importance of Authenticity: On the Eclipse, Tom Skilling, Crying, and Being Oneself

Thoughts on The Great American Eclipse of 2017—and 10 Useful Websites to Learn More

Effigy Mounds National Monument: Massive Bears, Stunning Views, and Thousands of Years of Native American History

Kohler-Andrae State Park: Camping, Surf and Sand, and Much More

River Trail Nature Center: Birdwatching, Hiking, and Much More

7 Places to See Bison in the Midwest

Red Gate Woods: Hawks and Hills, Sloughs and Snakes, and Ghosts and Buried Nuclear Waste, Oh My!

Celebrate National Park Week by Visiting a National Park—For Free!

Photo Exhibition Tells the Tale of Two Lake Michigans—and Reinforces the Need for Good Environmental Stewardship

Scilla and the Coming of Spring

Take a Nature Hike, President Trump

Loyola University Chicago’s Wealth of Environmental Majors Make Other Schools Green With Envy

Mississippi Palisades State Park—Great Views, Muddy Shoes, and Eagles in Twos

North Park Village Nature Center: An Oasis in the City

Welcome to Nature in Chicagoland!