Non-Nature Stories

I occasionally write articles about my historical places, politics, family, axe tossing, families tossing axes at each other (just kidding), non-nature-oriented museums, and other topics. This section serves as a quick way to access these articles (in reverse-chronological order). Click on the links to read the articles:

Remembering Lin Brehmer and the Time I Made Him Laugh

The Most-Popular Non-Nature Stories at Nature in Chicagoland in 2022

An Elegy for Chicago’s Walking Man

Remembering My Community of Saints on Día de los Muertos

Remembering David Fode (The story of my nearly 40-year-old friendship with my friend Dave, who passed away suddenly this summer. He was a wonderful stained glass artist, nature lover, and excellent husband and father.)

The Flight 93 National Memorial Commemorates Bravery and a Momentous Time in U.S. History   

George’s Desk: A Story About My Dad on Father’s Day

“Good Night. I Love You, Liam. God Bless You. Have a Good Sleep.”

A Family Lies Dead in the Street…Thoughts and Prayers are Great, But the Ukrainian People and Others in Peril Around the World Need Our Financial and Other Support

A Painted Flag, Thoughts on the Invasion of Ukraine, and 9 Organizations That You Can Donate to in Support of the Ukrainian People

The Story of a Father and Son in 55 Questions (poem)

A Quick Look Back at January 6, 2021, and a Call for Unity and Vigilance  

The Most-Popular Non-Nature Stories at Nature in Chicagoland in 2021

Saying Goodbye to Our Lady of Victory and Hoping to Save an Architecturally Significant Building

Has the Murder of Children in Chicagoland Become Normalized?

Why Did LaSean Stop to Help Me?: A Story of Kindness on the Highway and Thoughts of Helping Others on the Anniversary of 9/11

Visit to Lincoln Cemetery Reveals Rich African American Aviation History

The Most-Popular Non-Nature Stories at Nature in Chicagoland in 2020

Remembering Matt Lignell (a celebration of a friend taken too soon)

Visit Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Not Only for Spooks and Scares, But Also For Its Rich Local History

7 Stories About My Dad on Father’s Day

America 2020: A Few Thoughts On the Murder of George Floyd, Marching for Justice, and Looting

Remembering My Third Set of “Grandparents” and a Special Friendship

Neighborhood Walks During the Pandemic Bring Back Memories and Encourage a Bit of Hope

Life in the Time of COVID-19: Thoughts on Baseball, Hoarding, Being Thankful, Accountability, Gardening, and Hope

Fundraising Effort Aims to Preserve the Only Castle in Chicagoland

Need Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond? I Have 16 Talented Friends

Sad Thanksgiving News and the Celebration of a Great Life

Elegy for a 100-Year-Old Red Brick House

Thoughts on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing and Why the Moon Still Makes Me Swoon

Remembering My Father-in-Law Jim on Father’s Day

I Survived—and Thrived—on a 38-Hour Roundtrip Amtrak Journey

On the Death of A.J. Freund and Healing the World

A Tale of Three Funeral Directors: Thoughts on the Passing of a Funeral Industry Icon, My Dad, and the Man Who Took Me to My First Blues Bar

Throw Your Cares Away by Tossing an Axe

The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian: A Great Place to Learn About the First Americans

Why President Trump is Dead Wrong Regarding His “Media Are the Enemy of the People” Rhetoric, and Why Journalists Are So Important in This Age of Unreason

Take a Drive to the Volo Auto Museum for Vintage Cars and a Blast of Americana

Graue Mill and Museum: Learn About Life in Illinois in the 1800s, the Underground Railroad, and Much More

12 Wonderful, Interesting, and Fun Things About My Mom

The Field Museum: Dinosaurs, Mummies, a Bug’s-Eye View of the World, and Much More

Would You Travel 6,200 Miles to Fight Evil?

America 2018: Thoughts on School Shootings, Gun Control, Gerrymandering, and Kindness

Visiting the Rose City in Jordan

All Aboard for Winter Fun at the Chicago Botanic Garden!: Model Trains, Chicago Landmark Miniatures, and Much More

Need Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond? I Have Some Talented Friends

A Personal Ghost Story, Ghosts of Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs, and 11 Spots for Post-Ghost-Tour Fun

New Book Spotlights 111 Off-the-Radar Destinations in Chicago

The Importance of Authenticity: On the Eclipse, Tom Skilling, Crying, and Being Oneself