The 7 Most-Popular Posts at Nature in Chicagoland in August 2018

Things to Do Before the End of the Summer, Camping Tips for Kids, Trolls (the fun kind), Trump, Ghost Stories, and Beautiful State Parks in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. These were the topics of the most-popular posts at Nature in Chicagoland in August 2018 based on page views by my readers. If you missed any of these stories, check out the links below. I’m also happy to mention that August was a record-breaker for Nature in Chicagoland, which experienced the highest number of page views in its 18 months of publication. I’ve really enjoyed writing the blog, and I’m gratified that it continues to grow in popularity. Thanks for reading, and please tell your friends and family about Nature in Chicagoland.

1. Fourteen Things to Do Outdoors in Chicagoland Before Summer Ends


2. Eighteen Tips for Camping With Kids


3. Kohler-Andrae State Park: Camping, Surf and Sand, and Much More


4. Joe the Guardian, Sneaky Socks Alexa, and the Other Trolls Are Waiting to Be Discovered at The Morton Arboretum


5. A Personal Ghost Story, Ghosts of Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs, and 11 Spots for Post-Ghost-Tour Fun

Halloween-kozy korner 001-1_edited

6. Mississippi Palisades State Park—Great Views, Muddy Shoes, and Eagles in Twos


7. Why President Trump is Dead Wrong Regarding His “Media Are the Enemy of the People” Rhetoric, and Why Journalists Are So Important

Copyright (text/photos) Andrew Morkes


2 thoughts on “The 7 Most-Popular Posts at Nature in Chicagoland in August 2018

  1. I’m always impressed with your blog and writings and this is no exception. I was especially interested in the last item about Trump and journalists even tho you indicated that if I agreed with you, I could skip it. I’m glad that I did not skip it but seeing everything compiled in front of me regarding the dangerous positions of the current president – well my Saturday morning has been amped up a bit higher than normal. The man is the personification of the title of a popular novel from a while back – Clear and Present Danger. Another great job, Andy.

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    1. Thanks always, Kathy, for your wonderful words of support. And I think you have coined a new nickname for our “commander-in-chief” that sticks in the minds of the American people.


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