Votes for Cam Davis and Debra Shore are Votes for Clean Water in Chicagoland

Voting for board members of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, is probably not high on your list of concerns, given the high-stakes contests for Illinois governor, state’s attorney, and other high-profile elected officials.

But the MWRD, as it is commonly known, plays a major role in treating wastewater, reducing flooding (increasingly important as Illinois’ climate becomes wetter due to global climate change), and reducing the amount of stormwater (which collects and transports animal waste, garbage, pesticides, fertilizers, oil, road salt, oil, grease, and other potential pollutants) into Lake Michigan. The district serves an area of 872 square miles, which includes the city of Chicago and 125 suburban communities.

Because of the importance of clean water and the protection of our beautiful lake, residents of our area deserve qualified board members with expertise in and a strong track record of protecting the environment.

Cam Davis and Debra Shore perfectly match this criteria. If you care about protecting the environment, and are interested in local environmental issues, you’re probably already familiar with these two strong environmental advocates. But if you’re not, let me tell you a little more about each candidate.

Cam Davis was President Obama’s Great Lakes point person and President & CEO of the Alliance for the Great Lakes. In its endorsement, the Chicago Tribune called him “one of the most qualified candidates ever to seek office at this agency.” I could list more of his credentials, but I suggest that you visit his website, view his writings, credentials, videos, and platform and decide for yourself. After doing so, I think you will agree with me that he is a fine candidate for a position on the board.

Debra Shore is running for re-election to the board. She’s a rock star in the Midwest environmental world in my book. Shore helped found Friends of the Forest Preserves, served on Cook County Board President John Stroger’s Community Advisory Council on Land Management from 1997 to 2007, served as the founding editor of Chicago WILDERNESS magazine (a wonderful publication) that was “devoted to the rare nature of the Chicago region and to the inspiring stories of people working to preserve and restore the globally-significant biological diversity found here,” and helped restore the forest preserves along the North Branch of the Chicago River. Again, don’t take my word for it. Visit her website, as well as the section of her website that provides information about the importance of the MWRD, to learn more.

While I don’t know Davis or Shore personally, some of my most-trusted and environmentally active friends in Chicagoland are their friends and rave about their dedication to protecting our water and the larger environment.

I hope that you’ll consider voting for Davis and Shore tomorrow.

Copyright (text, except quoted material) Andrew Morkes

Davis and Shore hold copyright to their images.

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